About us

As Arslan Gümrük Müşavirliği, we have been carrying out “Customs and Foreign Trade Consultancy Services” professionally for over 40 years.
Committed to rendering quality service in compliance with the relevant legislation, we have a team that has been acting in the customs consultancy sector for long years and armed with knowledge and experience. We continuously renew ourselves in line with the requirements and expectations of the sectors we render service, and meet the requirements of our clients as practicably as possible with the help of the information technologies we use.

We have been meeting the requirements of our clients in the areas we render service for long years in accordance with our sectoral focus. As a group, we prefer those areas where our experience concentrates rather than addressing every sector and every customer portfolio. As Arslan Group, we offer structural solutions to complete our daily operations in a quick and safe manner and to create tax benefits to your firm using economically effective customs regimes.

As Arslan Group, we render service in all industrial centers, including in particular Istanbul, Bursa, and İzmir. Using the information technologies in the best way possible, our staff is consisted of customs personnel who can adapt themselves to the changing legislation as best and soon as possible.